Our company pays great attention to the quality of work performed, occupational health and safety, which is confirmed by certificates of conformity ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 issued by CERT International.

УDear visitors of our website, we are pleased to inform you about the receipt and successful validity of the quality system certificate at our enterprise. This certificate is a confirmation that our organization actively implements and applies modern methods of quality management in its work.
Obtaining the certificate of quality system, health and safety at work was the result of long and hard work of our team to improve all processes and procedures related to the quality of products or services provided, and the ability to manage occupational safety risks, prevent accidents and improve working conditions. our employees. We are committed to offering the best possible product or service to our customers, and this validated certification that we are on the right track.
Today, our Quality, Health and Safety System certificate is still valid, which is a guarantee of the quality of our goods and services to our customers. We are constantly working to improve our quality management system to ensure our customers have the best possible experience with us.
We are proud of this achievement and appreciate the confidence in our customers who choose our company's products and services because they meet high quality standards. We hope that our experience and financial assistance will help you to make the right choice in solving our problems in the country.