Turkmen Yyldyzy Company – Testing Division consists of a mobile & stationary electrical laboratories and has ample resources of highly skilled engineering staff in order to meet ever-increasing demand for testing works. Main activities carried out include:

  •  HV & LV Transformer Hi-Pot testing


  • Tan Delta test


  •  Power Cable Hi-Pot testing (AC, DC, Very-Low Frequency AC)


  • Cable fault finding (Impulse, Acoustic, Reflective etc)


  •  Measurements of winding resistance to DC


  •  Earthing devices test


  • Breakdown Voltage test of transformer oil


Contact Resistance check Major testing equipment include:

  •  ЛВИ HVT-3FAV mobile electrotechnical laboratory


  •  IFL 55106 Inductive Fault Locator


  •  TDR-109 Impulse Reflectometer


  •  VLF-6022 CMF Very-Low Frequency generator


  •  Tan Delta-12000 Automatic Bridge


  •  RET-MOM Micro-ohmmeter


  •  Fluke-1625 Ground Tester