Wire coupling fittings


II Light metal products


III Cables

Insulators SF-20 Clamps AAC and ACSR conductors
Insulators TF-20 Mounting points Insulated wires
Insulators PS-70D Traverses Cables
Insulator caps Brackets Cable couplings
Wire fittings Metal pads Self-supporting insulated wires
Reinforced concrete products

V Electrical equipment

VI HF communication and telemechanics

SV-10,5 Poles Transformer Substations HF communication panels
SV-16,4 Poles Transformers Data transfer interfaces
Footings F-3 Disconnectors Line matching units
Gutters KS 0,4-10kV Cells High-frequency barriers
Footings FBS Circuit breakers Communication capacitors
Crossbars Reactors IP phone devices